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File cabinets contain important papers, documents and other important files that are crucial for our daily life therefore, have to be protected by a lock. But this lock can get jammed or stuck thereby leaving you unable to continue a normal day as you won’t have access to these important papers. When you get stuck in such situations you must avail the unlocking file cabinet service of a reliable locksmithing firm like Southwest CO Locksmith Store, rather than taking matters into your own hands. We have had an experience of more than 10 years and in all these years we have maintained the quality of our services consistently. The necessary tools and knowledge are present with our professionals hence, making them perfect for unlocking file cabinet.

Comprehensive services

Southwest CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-569-4783Our professional locksmiths are capable of opening up any file cabinet lock with great deftness. Usually there are two types of cabinet locks and those are:

Key based locks

The many types of key based locks like cam, tubular cylinder, sliding teeth variants etc. And our technicians are capable of handling any kind with ease. They can swiftly repair, replace and even rekey the lock in matter of minutes.

Keyless locks:

Keyless locks are more modern as they are usually electronic based. These locks use passcodes to unlock but sometime you may forget your passcode and at a time like that Southwest CO Locksmith Store can help you with unlocking file cabinet.

How does our service operate?

Firstly, you need to call us on 719-569-4783to avail our services for resolving the issue you are facing. You make not be able to pin point the source of the issue or the cause but don’t worry as only a professional can do that with ease. Our trained locksmiths will start for your location and guarantee to reach your location in less than 30 minutes. After reaching your location they will thoroughly assess your file cabinet and the problem associated with it. Then they will determine the best way of resolving the issue.

Our technicians take all the necessary precautions of not damaging your property in any way while unlocking it. Sometimes the locks might be too damaged hence a hole might need to be drilled to unlock, but in any case we assure you that your contents will not be damaged.

24/ 7 ready to serve you

Our services are available 24/7 in area. You can contact us at anytime of the day for any locksmith service including unlocking file cabinet and we’ll reach you within 30 minutes.

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