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Southwest CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-569-4783Commercial or public properties like universities, movie theatres, malls, etc. that have a gathering of large crowds have to install certain emergency measures as a precaution in case of emergencies. One such crucial component that every exit of a commercial property must have is push bars. This is a great type of lock, that allow you to open the door from the inside easily but you cannot open it from the outside, thereby limiting outside entry.

Not installing these mandatory measures in your premises can cause huge penalties to be imposed on your property. Therefore, it is wise to take up the services of a professional locksmithing firm that has knowledge of these emergency regulations and can set up adequate measures. Southwest CO Locksmith Store is the locksmith firm you will want to hire if you live in area. In our more than 10 years of service, we have assisted a great number of commercial properties with their locksmithing needs.

How do they work?

Push bars or panic bars come in different sizes and shapes, they are generally horizontal or vertical. During an emergency, you can exert force on the device from the inside and it will open swiftly, thereby allowing easy exit during a crisis.

Which ones should you get?

Every commercial property has its own emergency exit needs. The type of building, the number of floors, the risk factors, location of exits, budget of the owner etc. factor in your choice of the push bar. But if you have no knowledge at all, then don’t panic as Southwest CO Locksmith Store’s professionals will thoroughly assess your property and will guide you in choosing the perfect exit lock for your property.

Can they keep your door locked?

Push bars are kind of a pseudo lock that allows exit from the inside but does not allow entry from the outside. A few new models are also equipped with alarm systems, so that you can be alerted if any assailant is trying to escape through them after a crime. There are other models of push bars that are tamperproof; therefore, they offer an extra layer of security.

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