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When you face automobile issues like faulty ignition systems you immediately rush your vehicle to a mechanic shop and pay the hefty bill they charge you unflinchingly. But have you ever thought of taking your vehicle to a locksmith? Make the smart decision and take your vehicle to Southwest CO Locksmith Store for ignition repairs. In our more than 10 years of service we have served as an auto locksmith and provided a number of services to the community.  We guarantee you swift, efficient and quality service.

Symptoms of a failed system:

Southwest CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-569-4783Many of you are automobile owners but don’t know much about the ignition switch or how to detect if it is repaired? When you put the key in the switch and turn it, the main electrical systems of the vehicle get activated. This activates the car and its accessories like radio, AC etc. Here are a few signs that indicate the onset of failure:

  • Your key gets constantly jammed in it
  • While driving, the car stalls constantly
  • Even after turning the switch, the car won’t start
  • Overheating after a period of use (you will be able to feel the heat when you touch it)

All these cases demand you to get ignition repair done immediately. But there are a few issues pertaining to the engine that might need a mechanic’s help. If you cannot identify the source of the issue, then don’t worry, just call Southwest CO Locksmith Store and we’ll give you a free consultation to determine the problem. Ignoring the issues can be a risk to your safety, therefore immediate action is mandatory.

How do we handle it?

We believe in swift and efficient service therefore, when you call us we make it a point to reach out to your aid as soon as possible. Firstly, our professionals will thoroughly assess the issue and determine if ignition repair or any component replacement is needed. Our technicians are capable of resolving issues on every model and brand of vehicle in today’s market.

24/7 service

We understand that there is no given time for the ignition system to fail therefore we make our services available to you 24/ 7. Unlike our competitors we aim to satisfy our customer hence don’t add any hidden charges to the bill.

Just call719-569-4783 and hire our auto locksmiths to get rid of your ignition woes!