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Southwest CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-569-4783Many burglaries or home invasions that have taken place in the past five years have been through garage doors. Many of us secure our property from the front door locks and window locks, but when the matter of garage door lockscomes, then we go lax. So, take the step of extra security by hiring a reliable locksmithing service for installing and maintaining the locking systems. If you live in area, then the perfect choice will be Southwest CO Locksmith Store. We have served the area’s customers with top quality services including helping residential and commercial owners set up robust locking systems for garages. Our experts are perfectly capable of handling any lock & key issue with great ease.

Free security consultation from experts

Many of you are unaware of the security that is needed for a garage space; therefore hiring professionals will make the job easier and hassle free for you. We offer you a wide selection of superior quality locking systems, so that you can choose based on your budget.

The various locking options

From the simple mechanical garage door locksto the more complex automated variants, Southwest CO Locksmith Store gives you only the best of options. A few of our most popular products are

  • Deadbolts:Deadbolts are effective yet affordable. Deadbolts for garages are quite similar to the deadbolts of your home. You just need to turn your key and the lock bar will fall into place.
  • Handle locks:These can be of two kinds; either knob or lever and this factor remain same for garage doors. They are affordable as well as easy to use. But the effectiveness of this type for safety can be debated, because they can be easily picked open.
  • Automated locks:These can be accessed from afar with a remote. If you use a remote to open your door, then you can use the same remote for unlocking your automated system. This is very easy to use and quite effective.

These are just a few and there are many more kinds of garage door locksthat you can choose from.To make the job easier, our technicians will work as your guide through the whole process.

Repair/replacement service 24/7

Whether you want a new garage door lockinstalled or an existing one repaired, we are the perfect locksmiths to serve your needs. Our technicians are available at your service 24 hours a day and can serve you the best.

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