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There have been several cases of misbehaving tenants who have disturbed or mistreated their landlords in area. Most of these cases have been resolved by Southwest CO Locksmith Store quite deftly. We have served the community with effective, swift and quality services that also includes eviction locksmith service. We house a team of professional and skilled locksmiths who are pros at handling any lock & key matter with ease. Our years of experience coupled with our shining recommendations make us your best choice.

What should you do before hiring our eviction locksmith service?

Southwest CO Locksmith Store Colorado Springs, CO 719-569-4783There are certain rules and regulation to be followed between a landlord and his tenant, these rules also come into practice during eviction. Therefore, before you avail our eviction locksmith service you must follow the local laws such as giving the tenant early notice so that he/ she can find another property etc. If the tenant refuses to leave even after the time period is over then you can take the matter to court. After winning the case you can take the legal notice and the help enforcement officers to forcefully vacate the tenant from the premise.

Only after all the legal hassle is resolved, you can hire a locksmith for post-eviction assistance. You just need to give us a call and we will be at your location under 30 minutes to start the process and if you call us in an emergency, then we will be at your location within 15-20 minutes.

What happens during the eviction procedure?

As part of our eviction locksmith service the locks on the property are inspected by us in the presence of an officer of the law. We will then change the locks or rekey them according to the requirements.

Prevent retaliation damage by getting a security upgrade

It is always good to take precaution before disaster strikes therefore you must make the smart move of reinforcing the security of your property thereby, preventing your ex-tenant from causing any ruckus. Preventive measures such as changing the locks or installing a master key system, installing other security measures etc. must be taken thereby, deterring anyone who wants to enter the premise without permission. Our team of professionals will thoroughly survey the property, evaluate the measures to be taken and with your permission they will get to work on implementing them.

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